Internal Production

Transform Your Company's Internal Production and Prototyping Lab with Fabrex

Experience Unmatched Flexibility and Control

In the fast-paced environment of large corporations, managing internal production or a prototyping lab demands a solution that is not only flexible but also robust and secure. Fabrex offers exactly that, with the added benefit of an on-premise installation option, ensuring your data and processes are securely managed within your infrastructure.
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Tailored Production Management for Complex Needs

Fabrex’s Production Management system is designed to meet the diverse and complex needs of large companies. Whether you're overseeing mass production, managing intricate manufacturing processes, or running a sophisticated prototyping lab, Fabrex adapts to your specific requirements, ensuring streamlined operations and optimal resource utilization.
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Customizable Quote Generation and Order Management

Efficiently manage internal costing and budgeting with Fabrex’s customizable quote generation and order management tools. These features adapt to the multifaceted nature of large companies, providing precise control over internal budget allocations and order processing, crucial for maintaining cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.
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In-House Prototyping Lab Optimization

Fabrex is ideal for managing the unique demands of a prototyping lab. Its adaptable system allows for quick iterations, precise tracking of prototypes, and efficient allocation of resources. Enhance innovation and development with a tool that understands the dynamics of prototype creation and testing.
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Enhanced Part Traceability and Quality Assurance

Ensure quality and accountability in every aspect of your production and prototyping. With Fabrex’s Part Traceability and Quality Assurance features, track every component's journey and maintain the highest quality standards, essential for internal processes of large corporations.
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Advanced Reporting for Strategic Corporate Insights

Leverage Fabrex’s advanced reporting capabilities to gain strategic insights into your internal production and prototyping operations. Customize reports to align with corporate objectives, providing key data to drive informed decision-making and continual improvement.
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On-Premise Installation: Security and Control

Recognizing the critical importance of data security and system control in large corporations, Fabrex offers an on-premise installation option. This allows your company to maintain complete control over your data, ensuring compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.
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ERP and 3PL Integrations for Comprehensive Operations

Integrate Fabrex seamlessly with your existing ERP systems and 3PL providers, crucial for large corporations with complex operational structures. These integrations ensure cohesive and efficient management of your entire production lifecycle, from raw materials to finished products.
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Scalable Procurement Management for Diverse Supplies

Fabrex’s Procurement Management system is adaptable for managing a wide range of supplier interactions, a necessity for big companies. Streamline your procurement processes, ensuring efficient and transparent transactions with various suppliers.

Fabrex: The Ideal Solution for Your Company

  • Customized to Your Corporate Environment: Adapts to your unique production and prototyping needs.
  • Secure On-Premise Installation: Maintain complete control over your data and operations.
  • Optimized Prototyping Lab Management: Accelerate innovation with efficient prototyping processes.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Gain valuable insights to inform corporate strategies.
  • Seamless System Integrations: Integrate effortlessly with your existing ERP and logistic systems.
  • Scalable and Robust: Perfectly suited for the extensive and varied needs of large corporations.

Discover how Fabrex can revolutionize your internal production and prototyping lab. Contact us to explore a tailor-made solution for your corporate needs.